06 mayo 2008

Bracken y su razón de existir

Todavía me estoy riendo con lo que dice Chris Adams. En su blog explica el motivo secreto por el que formó Bracken.

08 abr 2008, 00:00

My best chance at beating up MIKA to within an inch of his life

You may have noticed that we’ve got some shows coming up. We’re lucky enough to be playing with the likes of Sole, Xiu Xiu and Anti-pop Consortium in the next few months. However, it’s Benicassim that we’re really looking forward to, I mean, Leanoard Cohen and My Bloody Valentine are playing for God’s sake!!!

However, so is a certain "phenomenon" called MIKA, so this, ladies and gentlemen is my first (and I’m sure my last) opportunity to rain punches down on him until both of us are crying. In fact, this whole bracken project has just been a smokescreen in order to get me backstage and within a couple of metres of his big head so I can commence the beating. How do I explain to Anticon that this was the only reason I started the group? I reckon if I did they’d give me a medal.

Wish me luck,


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yo dijo...


Me gustaría que en futuras entradas hablarais de Spokane.

Aún recuerdo cuando un día, especialmente desanimado, me puse el Close Quarters que editasteis, con la luz apagada y casi me cojo una depresión de lo triste que me puse.

Me gusta el blog. Dadle gas.