15 marzo 2011

The WoWz según David Tattersall (The Wave Pictures)

The WoWz are my favourite band. Everything they do seems to me to come out of a hundred years of tradition and to be completely fresh and new and rocking at the same time. I wouldn't bother trying to mythologize them since they do such a good job of mythologizing themselves through their music. They sing through all these different characters and different versions of what a singer is, and at the same time always come over as very affable people (which they are). They can do a song about one tiny moment in time that comes straight at you like a bullet, then do one which scatters a hundred different memories, images and ideas at you like shrapnel. They can also do harmony vocals which are not unpleasant on the ears. I think they probably manage this rare feat because they have been playing WoWz music together for years and years so it all comes out of them in a natural way. And they use WoWz music to say what they want to say, as opposed to what most bands do nowadays, which is something like pouring little stylistic tropes all over nothing much at all. But that doesn't really make The WoWz sound as fun as they are. These recordings do though. I even had a little dance in my kitchen when I listened to them. Plus which, they can play electric guitar better than Link Wray and Keith Richards combined. The WoWz's music cheers me up. It makes me want to make music too.

David Tattersall (The Wave Pictures), 2011.

-Compra el flamante nuevo EP de The WoWz aquí.
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